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When I was a child, my mother always used honey as a remedy for sore throat or similar ilnesses. Whether my throat turned red or started to cough, mother gave me a “big” spoon of honey to lick it off.  In that time I felt like Winnie the Pooh from the fairy tale. Later, as I grow up, honey itself,  was not enough as remedy. So, mother discovered the new, improved honey. This honey was mixed with cranberries, lemons, garlics, gingers etc. In other words, honey became enriched with vitamins of those berries. Although that “bomb of vitamins” was not very tasty, but it kept me healthy and perky. Such mixture stayed fresh only for 2 weeks, so I needed to eat it all before it got soured. All in all, honey took special place in my childhood.

When I started growing my own children, I remember my mother’s recipes of honey and I use it. At first, I was interested how to make that “vitamin bomb” more tasty with longer validity, at the same time keep it healthy without any preservatives, sweeteners and sugars.   Modern technologies impressed me, as I discovered amazing innovation – lyophilization (freeze dry).  It is most perfect known way of preserving food. This technology allows to save up to 99% of vitamins and minerals during freeze drying. Only the water, or humidity is vanished, and in that case, any fermentation process is impossible. So, I mixed freeze dried berries with honey, and I was surprised how this mixture tasted and still be so rich with vitamins. I strongly believe that this kind of honey is future honey, which is very tasty and at the same time strengthening your immune system.

So later, I thought why not to share it with the world?  This is how “the magic of honey” was born. Our honey is enriched with properties of berries or herbs.

Whereas, my husband is a beekeeper, that’s why we use our own, clean and natural bee honey which is collected from Lithuanian flowers and blossoms.

We love nature and what it brings to us, therefore we keep bees with great love, extract deliciuos honey, mix it with berries and share it to the world.